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Heroes of the Storm

I bought an anti-tank weapon (bazooka) but can't use it with my m3 grease gun,isn't there a way to increase equipment points? Game Overview - Heroes & Generals Heroes & Generals currently has more than 60 weapons and 65 vehicles in the game. Regularly released updates will add to the ever-expanding arsenal. As a soldier in Heroes & Generals you actually own the equipment that you bring to the war. You bought the gun, you purchased the tank, and you spent time mastering them. Heroes And Generals (Video Game) - TV Tropes Heroes & Generals is a game set during the ending months of World War II.The Americans are launching Operation Overlord over in the West and the Soviets are gaining ever more ground in the East, meanwhile, Germany is struggling to survive while attacked on both fronts. Switching my main infantry into a Recon, is it worth it ... I never have a recon class before, and in some battle i really need one. i have my main infantry that can change class into a recon, he has every infantry ribbon maxed including recon ribbon. i want to change it into recon so i dont have to grind that camo badge, and make another infantry to fill...

Reto put in some time and effort in a new update that was much needed to improve how the game played with vehicles, namely our favorite: Tanks!

Soviet Union | Equipment - Heroes & Generals Game Guide ... DP-28. Class: Infantryman. Price: 142000 Credits/ 1358 Gold. Clip Size: 47 bullets. Usage: the cheapest from all the LMGs in the game, and at the same time the only one available to the Soviet Union.Effective at any range, but it's best used for close and medium ones. The only flaw is the huge amount of equipment points required to use it (7), making it available only to the Infantryman.

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Heroes & Generals Overview. Heroes & Generals is Reto-Moto’s World War II-based massively multiplayer online FPS that mixes infantry, armor, and aircraft in intense man-to-man skirmishes and long-ranging battles for territory across the European theater. Battle as a soldier from one of three nations and utilize a wide range of tactics to seize territory and drive your enemies from the ...

Aug 21, 2018 ... The Recon Destroyer has been designed in response to this galactic ... Experimental Weapon Slot; Console - Universal - Hyper-focusing Trinary Arrays ... province of one of the Klingon Empire's modern heroes, General Martok. ... give you a chance to win some prizes for showing off your best winter gear!

Heroes Generals WWII is a full on, all-out online. ... 1 Additional Extra Combat Badge Slot per character; 4th Equipment Slot ... recon, tank crew, ... Angriffsteam - Offiziellen Heroes & Generals Wiki