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My motherboard has 4 ram slots.... 2 of them r white and 2 of them are black..... wondering if i should plug my 2 sticks of ram into the white sockets, theI had to populate channel A first, it wouldn't boot with a single stick in B. Every time I try to go where I really wanna be it's already where I am, 'cuz I'm...

Solved! - If paired ram goes in slot 2/4, what slot would… I've been doing unpaired ram for years. I've done 1/2 as to my brothers advice and seems to work.My old unpairing RAM worked before but I went into slot 1/2. Yes it fixed my problem but then created stuttering in game.. my games would lag way too hard, especially wildlands, the other game I tested... installation - What do motherboard RAM slot colors mean? -… I have always seen that the motherboard RAM slots are colored in pairs, but never knew what it meant. I just put the 2 RAM in, and after a few tries it always worked. what slot do i install my new ram into pairs or same... |… Put matching RAM modules into the same colored slots for maximum performance. Most motherboards can run dual channel memory if the modules are matched by color slot, effectively doubling your memory transfer rate. How to connect RAM into the motherboard - Quora

I have a picture of the motherboard manuals RAM configuration below, now my question is, does it matter if i use dimm slots A1 and B1 first, ...

Mount your hard drive… on your RAM? | Ars Technica Aug 4, 2014 ... New "SDIMM" sticks include M.2 SSD slots to save room inside your case. ... PC makers do all kinds of things to save space inside their cases, ... mounted to the RAM and they draw power through the RAM slot. .... As far as mass entertainment goes, giant robots smashing each other should be a sure bet. What slots does my ram go into ? | Tom's Hardware Forum Hello, I have a asus z-97k mobo & looked at a manual and saw something saying channels. It has 4 ram slots available and im using 2. I currently have them in the last 2 but I always thought you left a gap but yet in the manual it looked right.

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How to Upgrade the RAM (Memory) on a Laptop While not all modern laptops give you access to the RAM, many do provide a way to upgrade your memory. If you can upgrade your laptop's memory, it won't cost you much money or time. How to Install RAM | HowStuffWorks RAM is usually sold in multiples of 16 megabytes: 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 (which is the same as 1GB). This means that if you currently have a system with 64 MB RAM and you want at least 100 MB RAM total, then you will probably need to add another 64 MB module. How to Upgrade Your RAM in a Lenovo Ideapad G570 Laptop Now get your new RAM and prepare to insert it into the RAM slots. Begin with the RAM slot on the top. This should be the slot your old RAM was in at first. Begin with the RAM slot on the top. This should be the slot your old RAM was in at first. Hardware Upgrade: How To Install New RAM