Medicine cabinet slot razor blades

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At the back of the medicine cabinet was a tiny slot for disposing of use shaving razors. But the slot was actually nothing more than a hole in the wall.

Framed Recessed 1 Door Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with 6 Shelves and ...... had the slot in the back to dispose of flat razor blades. this took only minutes to ... Safety Razor Skills, Or How To Change Your Face In 5 Minutes Nov 30, 2018 ... I live in a 60's era house now, and in the bathroom medicine cabinet, ... a slot to drop the used blades…..safely out of range to cause potential ... BaldManModPad: Bathroom lookin Sharp! Dec 2, 2009 ... ... medicine cabinet, and found about 700 used razor blades behind it. ... with a slot in the back where jolly fellows tossed ye olde blades after ... 7 Reasons to Gut Your Bathroom When You Remodel

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How to Dispose of Used Razor Blades | Some old houses have a razor blade disposal slot inside the medicine cabinet. When you drop blades through this slot, they fall between the walls. If you live in an older house, check to see if your medicine cabinet has a slot. If it does, and you plan to remodel, be careful tearing out the wall adjacent to the cabinet. Razor slit in medicine cabinets - DC Urban Mom

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Yup, what commonly happened was people used the slot then a few years or so later during bathroom renovations they would change the medicine cabinet to one that didn't have a hole and every one would forget about the razors. After that someone would come along and try and move the wall and bam, whole lot of razors rusting in the wall. Look! Old School Bathroom Razor Disposal | Apartment Therapy Apparently back in the day, some medicine cabinets had a tiny slit where you would dispose of old razor blades. Where do the blades go? Not “away” really, just into the wall. Unfortunately the guy helping us tear up our kitchen wasn’t expecting flying razor blades. Has this ugly result of things coming back to you happened to anyone else?? Old time medicine cabinets had a slot in the back for used ... Old time medicine cabinets had a slot in the back for used razor blades. ( submitted 4 ... The upstairs bathroom medicine cabinet/mirror has one of these slots. There's a little storage area behind that wall (my husband calls it a troll door) and they fall in there. ... razor blades were basically single use. As soon as they got wet ... Old Medicine Cabinets With Razor Bladeslots

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Old Medicine Cabinets With Razor Bladeslots old medicine cabinets with razor bladeslots old medicine cabinets with razor bladeslots Old medicine cabinet stunning time cabinets had a slot in the back for used razor with regard to.Jan 03, 2019 · The house I grew up in has medicine cabinets with those slots in the back panel. Seen Around Town: Razor Blade Bank Slot | IS Architecture Some of these slots are simply cut into the wall or medicine cabinet, but others were made decorative through the use of special blade slot tiles. Decorative tile with blade slot | … Razor Blade Slots In Medicine Cabinets